Bahrain visa

Bahrain visa

Traveling to Bahrain

The Kingdom of Bahrain, with its massive efforts to flourish its economy, is increasingly becoming a popular travel destination for business, investments, and tourism. Its capital, Manama, has become an important financial hub with many prominent financial institutions including the Bahrain World Trade Center, and the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

GCC nationals and residents do not need a visa to enter the Kingdom of Bahrain, while nationals from 68 countries are eligible to obtain a visa on arrival in Bahrain. Nationals from 116 countries are eligible to apply online for a Bahrain e-Visa. All other nationals must apply for a Bahrain sticker visa at their nearest Bahrain embassy or representation office.

Bahrain visas can be issued as single-entry and valid for two weeks, extendable for another two weeks. Depending on your nationality and purpose of visit, Bahrain visas can also be issued as multiple-entry, allowing for a one-month per each stay within a three-month validity period, or for a three-month per each stay within a one-year validity period. Multiple entry Bahrain visas are also extendable for an additional two weeks. Bahrain-sponsored visas can vary from two weeks up to one month and two weeks.

Bahrain visa types

The following are the types of Bahrain visas:

  • Visit Visa
  • GCC Visitor Visa  
  • Student Visa
  • Investment Visa 
  • Business Visa
  • Artist Visa
  • Endorsement Visa for foreign companies
  • Training Visa
  • Truck driver Visa
  • Family Visas:
    •  Visa for the relatives of Bahraini (father, mother, husband or children)
    • Visa to Foreign Wives of Bahraini Citizens
    • Visas to children of Bahraini mothers married to foreigners
    • Visa to the Parents of foreign residents
    • Visa for sons / daughters over 24 years old

Other visa categories:

  • Self-Sponsorship Residence Permits:
    • Self-Sponsorship for Property Owner
    • Self-Sponsorship for Investor
    • Self-Sponsorship for Retiree
  • Golden Residency Visa

Certain conditions will determine if a visa can be obtained and if entry will be granted upon arrival to Bahrain. If you intend to live, legally work, or get a residency permit in Bahrain, you will need to apply to the Bahrain Labor Market Regulatory Authority for a Bahrain work visa or family visa, each of which carries its own set of conditions.

Bahrain visa requirements

The following documents are required to apply for all Bahrain visas:


A passport or identity document valid for 6 months from arrival in Bahrain


Proof of accommodation (i.e. copy of hotel or lodging booking)


A round trip or onward ticket

Personal photo

A recent passport photo with dimensions 4.5 x 3.5 cm

Financial means

Financial proof such as bank statements showing transactions 3 months prior to application, with a balance no less than BD300 or the equivalent

Applicants have the option to present a valid GCC, USA, Schengen, UK, European, or Canadian visa to support their applications.

Depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit to Bahrain, additional documents may be required during the application process.

Bahrain visa application

Foreign nationals required to apply for a Bahraini sticker visa or a Bahraini e-Visa must follow these steps:

Bahrain e-Visa

  1. Apply online at the Bahrain visa portal

    • Choose the Bahrain visa type you are applying for
    • Fill out the online application form
    • Upload the required documents

  2. Pay the Bahrain e-Visa fee

    • Use a credit/debit card
    • Record the Application Reference Number

  3. Wait for Bahrain e-Visa decision

    • If your application is approved, an email and a PIN number will be sent to you
    • Your approved Bahrain e-Visa will be sent to the email you provided
    • Confirm that the visa information is correct and matches your passport

Bahrain Sticker visa

  1. Visit the Bahrain visa portal

    • Answer the first four questions to be directed to the visa options available for your country
    • Select the Bahrain visa option and embassy that best suits you
    • Fill out and submit the Bahrain application form
    • Upload required documents
    • Record the Application Reference Number

  2. Wait for your Bahrain sticker visa decision

    Receive email if approved

  3. Visit your nearest Bahrain embassy or representation office

    • Pay the Bahrain visa fee
    • Confirm visa information is correct and matches your passport

Where to apply for Bahrain visa

Bahrain e-Visa

Nationals of 116 countries are eligible to apply online for a Bahrain visa. Visit the Bahrain visa portal  to check your eligibility for a Bahraini e-Visa. 

Bahrain Sticker visa

Foreign nationals required to apply for a Bahrain sticker visa should apply through the Bahrain visa portal and select the appropriate embassy to process their applications. 

Bahrain visa processing time

The Bahrain e-Visa process normally takes approximately three to five business days, while the Bahrain sticker visa can take longer depending on the type of visa requested. Please be aware that processing times may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Bahrain visa FAQ

How long does it take Bahrain visa to be approved?

The Bahrain e-Visa process takes approximately three to five working days, but in exceptional cases, it may take longer. The Bahrain sticker visa process can take longer depending on the type of visa requested.

What are the types of visa in Bahrain?

There are numerous types of Bahrain visas, which are classified according to the applicant’s nationality, purpose of visit to Bahrain, and GCC residency status.
The main Bahrain visa types include: Visit Visa, GCC Visitor Visa, Student Visa, Business Visa, Artist Visa, Endorsement Visa for Foreign Companies, Training Visa, Truck Driver Visa, and Family Visas.
The Visit Visa, better known as the Bahrain tourist visa, is for purposes, such as tourism, business meetings, family visits, and other short-term activities. The business visa is for business activities, and the student Visa is for educational enrollment. The other types of visas are for purposes as their titles suggest, ranging in durations of stay and validity periods, depending on the visa type and the applicant’s reason for visiting Bahrain.
Other Bahrain Visa categories include the Self-Sponsorship Residence Permits and Golden Residency Visa, which are mainly for foreign nationals wishing to gain residency in Bahrain for business, investment, real estate, or retirement purposes. 

Can I convert visit visa to work permit in Bahrain?

Yes, you can convert a visit visa to a work permit if a company applies on your behalf and your visit visa is still valid for at least seven more days. If your visit visa has expired or will expire after six days, your visa should first be extended before applying. 

How can I get residence permit in Bahrain?

There are various types of residence permits in Bahrain. Obtaining one will depend on the particular Bahrain residence permit type you are applying for. For example, Self-Sponsorship Residence Permits are applied for online, while Sponsored Residence Permits applications are submitted by the guarantor or sponsor.

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