12 May 2022

The UK Grants Electronic Visa Waiver Status to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

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28 April 2022
Kuwait and Qatar nationals to travel visa-free to the EU and Schengen area, proposed by the Commission
18 February 2022
Bahrain Suspends Quarantine and Testing Rules for International Travel
18 February 2022
EU Council Recommends Removal of Argentina, Australia and Canada from the EU Safe Travel List
18 February 2022
UK closes Tier 1 Investor Visa route
16 February 2022
Australia Reopens International Travel After Two Years Of Strict Border Closure
16 February 2022
Benin and Jordan COVID-19 Certificates Are Now Valid in the European Union
16 February 2022
MEPs Call for Ban on EU Golden Passports and Change Rules for EU Golden Visas
15 February 2022
The Cabinet of Kuwait Lifts Most of COVID-19 Restrictions
12 February 2022
The UK Received its First Arrivals with No COVID-19 Test Requirement