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The Sierra Leonean passport currently ranks on the 79th place according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index. It provides visa-free access to 43 countries. The government makes steady efforts to enhance international relations. Sierra Leonean passport holders have visa-free access and visas on arrival to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Bolivia, Senegal and Iran. Sierra Leonean passport holders do however require a visa to enter 167 destinations in the world such as Thailand, Turkey, Russia, the United States and the entire European Union. This high visa requirement results in a low mobility score and significant travel preparations.

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The Republic of Sierra Leone is a former British colony. Located in Western Africa it consists of 12 districts. It borders Liberia, Guinea and the North Atlantic Ocean. The most important districts are Bombali, Koinadugu and Port Loko. Sierra Leone is the 40th largest country in Africa with a surface area of 71,740 square kilometers, making it one of the smaller countries in the continent. Its climate is mostly tropical hot and humid with a rainy summer and a dry winter season.

The overall population is over 7 million people. The capital of the country is Freetown, which is also the most populous city with more than 1 million people living there. Other important cities of the country are Kenema, Bo and Koidu. The largest and only international airport is Freetown International Airport (FNA). It connects the country to destinations across Africa and Europe. Freetown Airport is expected to the replaced by Mamamah International Airport by 2022.

Sierra Leone gained independence from Britain in 1961. Its culture is dominated by a mix of traditions and the colonial heritage. The majority of the country is Muslim with over three quarters of the population practicing this belief. The official language of the nation is English. Tribal dialects and languages are still widespread. The legal system is a mix between the English common law and the customary law. The government form is a presidential republic with President Julius Maada Bio as elected chief of state and head of government. Elections take place every 5 years and the president is elected directly by popular vote.

The official currency of the country is the Sierra Leonean leone (SLL) with the current exchange rate being SLL 9,986 to the USD. Sierra Leone has an open economy, generating a GDP of approximately $12.1 billion. This makes it the 41st largest economy in Africa. It has a per capita income of $1,608. The main GDP contributing sectors are services and agriculture. The country’s main exports products includes iron ore, diamonds and rutile, rice, coffee, cocoa, palm oil and peanuts.

The Republic of Sierra Leone is a developing tourism destination offering several attractions. It is known for its vast wildlife and beautiful beaches. Some of the most popular destinations are the capital Freetown, Bunce Island, Banana Island, Tiwai Island, Tokeh, the Gola Forest Reserve, Bo Town and the Kambui Hills Forest Reserve. The majority of the 4,700 yearly tourism visitors is originating from the neighboring African.

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