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The Egyptian passport Ranks at 90th place according to the Guide visa index.

Egypt Visa Free Countries  

It is considered to be on the lower end of passport rankings in the world. Egyptian passport holders have visa-free access and visas on arrival to only 50 countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, and Kenya.

visa requirement for Egyptian passport holder

There are 176 destinations for which an Egyptian passport holder requires to obtain a visa prior to traveling.

This high visa requirement results in a low mobility score.

For major destinations such as the USA and the European Union, Egyptians require to apply for a visa in advance.

Visa applicants need to present documents such as proof of funds and a return flight ticket.

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About Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt is made of 27 governorates. It is located in North Africa bordering Sudan, Libya, Israel, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea. The most significant governorates are Cairo, Giza, and Sharqia. The country has a total surface area of 1,010,408 square kilometers. The land is dominated by a vast desert plateau only interrupted by the Nile Valley and Delta. Egypt has a desert type climate with a hot season from May to October and a cooler season the rest of the year.

Egypt’s overall population is over 100 million people making it the 3rd largest country in Africa. The capital of the nation is Cairo. It is also the most populous city with over 9.5 million people. The largest airport is Cairo International Airport (CAI) with approximate yearly passenger traffic of over 14 million passengers. It is the second busiest airport in Africa. It connects Egypt to all continents of the world.

The Egyptian culture is dominated by Islam. Out of the total population, 90% is Muslim. The official language is Arabic. The legal system is a mix of Islamic religious law and the Napoleonic civil and penal law. The government form is a presidential republic. The current chief of state is President Abdelfattah Elsisi and the head of government is Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly.

The official currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGP). Its current exchange rate is about 15.6 EGP to USD. The country has an open economy, generating a GDP of approximately $1.3 trillion. The per capita income is $14,023. The largest portion of the GDP is generated by the services sector and industry. Egypt generates a great majority of its income through petroleum products, tourism, the Suez Canal, and remittances of Egyptians working abroad. Furthermore, the country continues to improve economic conditions by changing and implementing reforms together with the help of foreign governments.

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. The country has many natural and culturally unique attractions for tourists to explore. It has seven UNESCO world heritage sites scattered across the country. Some of the most visited tourist destinations are the Pyramids of Giza, the Karnak Temple, Aswan, Abu Simbel and the white desert. As the capital, Cairo also offers great museums and exhibitions showcasing the history and natural beauty of the nation.


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