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The Czech passport currently ranks on the 8th place according to the Guide Passport Ranking Index. It provides visa-free access to 184 countries. This makes it one of the most desirable passports in the world with a very high mobility score. Czech passport holders have visa-free and visas on arrival access to countries such as Brazil, Japan, the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States and the entire European Union allowing almost instant travel worldwide. Czech passport holders do however require a visa to enter about 42 destinations in the world.

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The landlocked Czech Republic consists of 14 regions and is part the European Union with neighboring countries Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. The most important regions are Central Bohemia, Prague and Moravian-Silesian. Czechia has a surface area of 78,866 square kilometers and is therefore one of the smaller countries in the European Union. Its climate is European continental with fairly cold winters and dry warm summers. Its geography is defined by rolling plains in the west and hilly terrain in the east.

The overall population is over 10.6 million people. The capital of the country is Prague, which is also the most populous city with 1.3 million inhabitants. Other important cities are Brno and Ostrava. The largest airport is Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG) with 17 million yearly passengers. Prague airport provides connections to just about anywhere in the world. This contributes to the great touristic success of the country.

Czech culture is influenced by a mix historic events that formed the country and people of today. A large part of the population is not connected to any religious belief. The most practiced religion is Christianity (38%). The official language of the country is Czech. The legal system is the civil code. The government type is a parliamentary republic. President Milos Zeman is chief of state and Prime Minister Adrej Babis is head of government.

The official currency of the nation is the Czech Koruna (CZK) with the current exchange rate being CZK 22 to the USD. The country has a prosperous economy, generating a GDP of approximately $432 billion, making it the 16th largest economy in Europe. Its citizens have a per capita income of $40,585. The GDP is mostly made up of 2 key sectors, which are services and industry. Almost 80% of all exports origin from the automobile manufacturing, which is also the country’s largest industry.

Czechia is filled with a variety of urban and natural tourism destinations and attractions. It is known for its cultural and natural history with 14 UNESCO world heritage sites. Popular tourist activities are sightseeing, hiking, skiing and wine tasting. Some of the major destinations include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the glassworks of Karlovy Vary and the Bohemian Paradise. The capital Prague is especially popular with about 8 million visitors a year. The nation has a total of over 22 million tourists visiting every year with the majority originating from Germany, Russia, Slovakia and the United States.


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