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Who We Are

visaindex.com is operated by Guide Consultants LLC, a global leader in economic citizenship and residency by investment programs.

visaindex.com was launched with the goal of providing an online platform for the most up-to-date global passport ranking and visa information. Our expert team utilizes the most reliable data, sourced from the most reputable destinations, to compile an accessible ranking of every passport in the world. We envision visaindex.com as a valuable platform for anyone looking to make informed decisions about global travel and mobility. We look forward to evolving into a one-stop destination for comprehensive information regarding country-specific entry requirements for passport holders from around the globe. Above all, it is our hope that all passport holders, wherever they are from, use VisaIndex.com to pursue more intelligent travel.

Passports Ranking System: How It Works

A passport’s ranking is determined by the degree of freedom of movement it provides; the more countries a traveler can enter without a visa, the more powerful their passport is. The most highly ranked passports in the world are those that provide the most “visa-free” access for their holders; the more visa-free access a passport allows, the higher its rank relative to all other extant passports.

visaindex.com assesses a passport’s rank by quantifying the number of countries a holder may enter without a visa. We evaluate each passport according to the degree of access it provides by calculating the number of countries that a passport holder can enter Visa-Free, Visa-On-Arrival, and Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

In addition to utilizing all of this information to assess passport rank, we also transparently make it available to you: the traveler. While learning the rank of a passport, you can also view the data behind its respective position relative to other countries. For each passport, we list the number of countries to which passport holders enjoy the following access:

A. Visa-free
B. Visa-on arrival
C. eTA

In addition to listing the above benefits of a passport (visa-free access, etc.), we also list its “Visa Required” countries (i.e. the countries that require passport-holders obtain a visa in advance) including countries that require Visa-Online application.


At visaindex.com, we envision a world in which all travelers have instant access to a reliable source for passports ranking.


visaindex.com is motivated by the goal of standing as the most trusted online destination for global passport ranking and visa information. We are confident that our reliance on the most accurate data and the most knowledgeable experts have led to the creation of an exceptional ranking system. Our clear format and straightforward presentation scheme furthers our ambition to simplify a complex methodology, delivering a superior user experience for travelers. Our dedicated team pays close attention to changes in the global passports ranking and visa regime, and updates our website regularly.


visaindex.com is proud to operate according to its core values of transparency, reliability, and ethical service provision. We are committed to using only the most relevant, up-to-date information to assemble a trustworthy passports ranking system.

Professionalism and Expertise

visaindex.com is set apart by its selected team of visa and passport experts. Together, we have over a decade of experience in the field, providing us unique insight and expertise.

Our advantages

Reliable information

VisaIndex.com provides reliable information on passport ranking in terms of freedom of movement. Our passport ranking is based on official information provided by related government sources.

Detailed Information

We provide you all the details and information you need to know about passport ranking, visa requirements, as well as practical facts and general information about different countries and territories.

Fast Updating

All information about passport ranking and visa requirements are updated regularly to ensure the latest and most accurate information is provided.