Barbados Tourist Visa

Barbados Tourist Visa

Traveling to Barbados

Barbados is a Caribbean Island known for its luxurious resorts, white sandy beaches, and tropical climate. A British commonwealth nation with well-preserved colonial estates and historical monuments, it’s no wonder millions of visitors flock to this island paradise for tourism and leisure.

Who Needs a Barbados Visa?

Foreign nationals from the following countries must apply for a Barbados tourist visa, before traveling to Barbados:

Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Laos, Libya, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestinian Territories, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Syria, Taiwan, Vatican City, and Yemen.

Barbados Tourist Visa Validity

The Barbados visa is either issued as a single-entry visa valid for 3 months, or as a multiple entry visa valid for 6 months.

Barbados Tourist Visa Requirements

The following requirements should be met when applying for a Barbados tourist visa:

Passport copies

Copies of applicant’s passport cover, data, and photo pages. Passport should be valid for the duration of your trip in Barbados.

Application form 

A filled out and signed Barbados visa application form.

Personal photos

One recent passport size photo.

Cover letter

A letter addressed to the Barbados Chief Immigration Officer, with applicant’s name, contact information, purpose for traveling to Barbados, and intended travel dates.


A travel ticket proving departure from Barbados to country of residence.


Hotel reservations or proof of lodging during stay in Barbados.

Financial proof

Proof of financial means during stay in Barbados

Customs form

A completed online Barbados Immigration and Customs form.

Medical Insurance

Valid health insurance coverage during stay in Barbados.


Proof of payment of the Barbados visa appication fee.

Please note that certified English translations should be submitted along with any documents that are in a foreign language.

Barbados Tourist Visa Application

Foreign nationals applying for a Barbados tourist visa should follow these steps:

  1. Complete visa application form

    A filled out and signed Barbados visa application form.

  2. Submit visa application

    Set an appointment at your nearest Barbados embassy, consulate or representation office.
    Submit the Barbados visa application form and all required documents at the Barbados foreign mission.
    Pay the Barbados visa application fees.

  3. Await visa decision

    Collect your approved Barbados tourist visa from the Barbados foreign mission where you applied.
    Confirm the information on your Barbados tourist visa is correct and matches your passport.

Barbados Tourist Visa Fees

A Barbados single-entry visa costs $107 USD, and a multiple-entry Barbados visa costs $211 USD.

Where to Apply

Foreign nationals can apply for a Barbados tourist visa at their nearest Barbados embassy, consulate, or foreign mission abroad.

Barbados Tourist Visa Processing Time

Barbados visas are reviewed on an individual basis and normally take approxiamately 3 weeks to be fully processed and issued. It is important for applicants to apply for their visa and receive final approval before confirming any definite travel plans to Barbados.

Approved Visa Applications

Approved Barbados tourist visas can be collected from the Barbados embassy, consulate, or foreign mission where you applied. Always be sure your visa information is correct and matches your travel documents.

Barbados Visa Extension

Foreign travelers, who wish to extend their Barbados visa, should apply to the Barbados Immigration Department at the Headquarters. The requirements for a Barbados visa extension may include: a valid passport and photocopy of biodata page, an airline ticket, 1 passport photo, any supporting documents, and the $100 USD application fee.

Barbados Tourist Visa FAQ

Who can travel to Barbados without a visa?

Foreign nationals from over 190+ countries can travel to Barbados visa-free and stay for a duration of time, based on the foreign traveler’s nationality.

How much does a Barbados tourist visa cost?

A Barbados single-entry visa costs $107 USD, and a multiple-entry Barbados visa costs $211 USD.

Can I get a visa-on-arrival in Barbados?

No, travelers cannot get a visa-on-arrival in Barbados, and must have a valid Barbados visa to enter.

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