Cyprus Tourist visa

Cyprus Tourist visa

Required Documents for Cyprus Visa

All documents required for a Cyprus visa application must be in English.

  • Passport
    • With validity of at least 3 months after the intended departure from Cyprus
  • Document that proves residence such as passport, permanent residence card, or visa
  • Completed and signed visa application form
  • Passport-sized photo to be affixed on the visa application form
  • Invitation letter from an associate, company, or host in the Republic of Cyprus (if the applicant is invited by someone or by a company from Cyprus)
  • Assumption of Responsibility to Host Form to be completed by the host and certified by a notary public
  • Round-trip ticket reservations (Cyprus visa applicants are advised not to purchase their flight tickets yet)
  • Hotel reservations or other document that proves accommodation
  • Applicants who are minors are required to submit the following additional documents:
    • Letter signed by both parents or legal guardians that gives the minor authority to apply for a visa to enter Cyprus
    • Proof of relationship between the minor and the legal guardian such as passports of each parent, and a copy of the minor applicant’s birth certificate clearly stating the names of the parents. If one of both of the parents are deceased, death certificates are required. If one parent has sole custody of the minor applicant, a copy of a document attesting sole custody must be submitted.
  • NOTE: Some applicants may be asked to submit the following additional Cyprus visa requirements on a case-to-case basis:
    • Bank guarantee with a validity of at least 10 years issued in the name of the Director of Civil Registry and Migration Department. The original bank guarantee has to be submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department and a copy that has been sealed by the Civil Registry and Migration Department has to be included in the supporting documents for visa application.
    • Proof of employment such as income tax return or a letter of employment that includes the employer’s full name, telephone number and complete address, the applicant’s position in the company, duration of employment, and income; and Letter of approved leave of absence signed by the employer.
    • Self-employed applicants must submit a document proving registration and commercial activity in the country of residence, along with bank certificates, income tax returns, and proof of the company’s accounts.
    • Proof of financial means for the entire period of stay in Cyprus and return to the country of citizenship or residence or forward destination where the applicant possesses a residence permit or valid visa, such as savings books, and bank account statements for the last 3 months.
    • Proof of personal status such as previously owned passports, or the Immigration Office’s passport statement, or family book, or family record
  • NOTE: The visa holder might still be required to submit specific documents upon arrival.

Cyprus Visa Application Steps

  • Prepare all the required documents for the Cyprus visa application form.
  • Decide the number of entries needed to visit Cyprus.
  • There are two Cypriot visa entry options available for tourists:
    • Short-stay visa: As a Tourist, you’re entitled to visit Cyprus for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period. This Cyprus visa is only effective for a single entry, and it can’t be used for immigration purposes.
    • Multiple entry visa: This Cyprus visa can be issued for a 3-year validity period. However, in some exceptional cases, it can reach 5 years at the discretion of the Consul General. The duration of stay with a Multiple Entry Cyprus visa cannot exceed 90 days in any 180-day period.
  • Download, print and fill out the Cyprus Visa Application Form.
  • Visit the official website of the Cyprus consulate or embassy in your country of citizenship or residence to download the application form or contact the consulate or embassy to enquire on how to obtain and fill out the application form.
  • The application form must be signed by the applicant.
  • In case of minors, a legal guardian is required to sign the application form.
  • Schedule a Cypriot visa appointment.
  • Contact the Cyprus consulate or embassy where you intend to submit your Cyprus visa application to check if you need to schedule a Cyprus visa appointment and how you can schedule a Cyprus visa appointment.
  • Submit the Cyprus application form.
  • The Cyprus application form and all other Cyprus visa requirements can either be submitted in person or through an authorized representative to the consulate or embassy of the country where the applicant is a citizen or a resident, or in the country where they intend to transit on their journey towards Cyprus.
  • Pay the Cyprus visa fees.

Cyprus Visa Fees

The Cyrus visa fee for a short-stay (single entry) is €20 and €60 for a double or Multiple Entry visa. The amount is to be paid in cash and in the local currency. All fees are non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the visa application.

When to apply

Applicants are advised to submit applications their Cyprus visa requirements not earlier than three months before the intended trip.

Where to Apply

Cyprus visa applications can be submitted to a Diplomatic Mission of Cyprus or Visa Application Center responsible for receiving the Cyprus visa applications in the applicant’s country. Cyprus visa applications can either be submitted in person or through an authorized representative. If there is no diplomatic relations or diplomatic mission in the applicant’s country of citizenship or residence, visa applications can be submitted via DHL post to the nearest Cyprus Diplomatic Mission provided that prior agreement has been made.

Cyprus Visa Processing time

Under normal working conditions, and provided all the submitted documents are accurate, the processing time for Cypriot visa applications is not expected to exceed 7 working days.

For Approved Cyprus Visa Applications:

If the Cyprus visa application is approved, the Consulate will attach the Cypriot visa to the applicant’s passport. Those who have received their Cypriot visas are advised to check the details and ensure it matches the information on the passport.

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