Egypt Tourist visa

Egypt Tourist visa

Traveling to Egypt

The Arab Republic of Egypt shares its borders with Northeast Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Middle East. Tourists visit Egypt for its many archaeological sites, including the ancient pyramids and the Valley of the Kings. In addition, a visit to Egypt offers many excursions, from cruises along the Nile to upscale resorts to hiking on a budget.

Egypt Tourist visa eligibility

Citizens of these countries can enter Egypt visa-free for tourism purposes (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Macao, and Hong Kong), some other nationalities are eligible to obtain an Egypt visa-on-arrival at Egyptian ports of entry. Citizens from all other countries that are not on the above eligibility list or eligible for a visa-on-arrival may be eligible to apply online for an Egypt e-visa, otherwise should apply in person at their nearest Egypt embassy or representation office abroad.

Egypt Tourist visa validity

Travelers can apply online for an Egypt tourist visa prior to traveling to Egypt. Egypt e-visa options include a single-entry visa, granting a stay of 30-days and a multiple-entry visa, granting a stay of 90 days. Once approved, Egypt tourist visas remain valid for 3 consecutive months.

For those not eligible to apply online for an Egypt e-visa, Egypt “sticker” visas should be applied for at your nearest Egypt embassy or representation office. You are advised to contact the Egyptian embassy in your residence country for more information regarding their specific visa application procedures that are relevant to your case.

Egypt Tourist visa requirements

To apply for an Egyptian tourist visa, you will need to have the following documents:

Egypt e-Visa


The applicant should hold a passport valid for at least 6 months before their travel date.


A valid credit or debit card to pay online for the Egypt tourist visa fees.


The applicant will need a valid email address that the e-visa will be sent to once the application is completed and approved.

Egypt Tourist “sticker” visa

Passport + copy

The applicant should hold a passport valid for at least 6 months before their travel date with an empty visa page, plus two copies of the information page.

Personal photo

A recent color photograph of applicant, taken against a white background that meets standard passport photo requirements and dimensions.


Applicant should fill out the Egypt visa application, complete with personal data and other requested information.


Cashier’s check made payable to the Consulate of Egypt if paying by mail or cash if paying in person. Personal checks and money orders will not be accepted.

Egypt Tourist visa application

Egypt e-Visa

Egypt has made travel to Egypt easier than ever, allowing eligible travelers to apply online for the Egypt e-visa via the official Egypt e-visa portal in just a few simple steps.

  1. Complete Egypt Tourist visa application form

    Fill in the Egyptian tourist visa application.

  2. Pay Egypt Tourist visa fees

    Pay the application fee with a valid credit/debit card

  3. Wait for Egypt Tourist visa decision

    • If approved, your Egypt e-visa will be sent to the email you provided.
    • Download and print a copy of your approved Egypt e-visa.
    • Make sure the visa information matches your passport.

Egypt Tourist “sticker” visa

  1. Complete Egypt Tourist visa application form

    Fill in and Print the visa application form, and attach your personal photo and any additional required documents may be requested by the embassy/consulate you are applying through such as round-trip ticket or confirmed itinerary.

  2. Attend your appointment at the Egyptian embassy or representation office

    • Submit your completed and signed visa application form, passport, and other required documents.
    • Pay the Egyptian tourist visa fees.

  3. Wait for Egypt Tourist visa decision

    • If approved, pick up your approved Egyptian tourist visa from the Egyptian embassy or representation office that you applied at.
    • Verify information is correct

Egypt Tourist visa fees

Egypt e-visas obtained online cost $25 for a single-entry visa or $60 for a multiple-entry visa, to be paid by credit or debit card. Egypt tourist visa processing fees are non-refundable.

Where to apply

The Egyptian tourist visas can be applied for online via the Egypt e-visa portal.

If you are not from a country eligible for an Egypt e-visa, contact your local embassy to apply for a sticker visa.

Egypt tourist visa processing time

For an Egypt e-visa, the processing time can range between 2 to 7 working days, once the application is complete and all documents are submitted. It is recommended to apply at least 7 days before traveling to Egypt.

Approved Egypt visa applications

Once approved, a link to download your Egypt e-visas will be emailed to you. Immigration officials will ask to see both your e-visa and a printed paper copy of the Egypt e-visa upon arrival to Egypt,. You will also need to provide a travel itinerary that includes the name and telephone number associated with the place you are staying and/or a supporting letter, such as an invitation from a company or family member if applicable.

Egypt Tourist visa FAQ

Can Malaysian nationals travel to Egypt visa-free?

Malaysian nationals travelling as tourists can obtain a visa-on-arrival in Egypt for a maximum stay of two weeks. However, the usual visa requirements apply for stays longer than two weeks.

What about nationals of the USA, UK, and EU visiting the Red Sea Sinai resorts of Dahab, Nuweiba, Taba or Sharm El Sheikh?

These individuals are granted a free-entry stamp on arrival at Sharm el-Sheikh airport and other airports for the resorts. Their stay is valid for 15 days. Yet if travel is expected outside of this area, then an application for an Egyptian visa will need to be made whilst still in the country.

Can I be refused entry into Egypt even with a tourist visa?

Egyptian port authorities have the right to refuse entry to any e-visa holder without explanation.

What will I need to provide upon arrival to Egypt?

Upon arrival to Egypt, make sure to have your passport, a printed copy or your Egypt e-visa or Egypt tourist “sticker” visa, and information regarding both where you are staying in Egypt and your return or onward flight itinerary.

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