Ghana visa

Ghana visa

Traveling to Ghana

For tourists, businesspersons, and students, Ghana is an exciting and rewarding destination with plenty of opportunities. Each year, thousands of travelers come to Ghana to absorb the local culture, attend conferences, engage in study courses, and much more. 

All foreign national visitors to Ghana must possess a valid passport and obtain a valid entry permit or visa from a Ghana embassy or consulate, or any other authorized visa-issuing authority, to enter the country. Nationals of ECOWAS member states and other countries that have bilateral agreements with the Government of Ghana are exempt from visa requirements. Nationals of exempted countries are permitted to stay in the country for up to 60 or 90 days depending on their nationality.

Ghana offers a variety of visa types for visitors, available for single-entry and multiple-entry visits. Visas are typically issued for a period of three (3) months with some visas extending up to one year for specific purposes. In some cases, visas may be extended through the Ghana Immigration Services.  

Ghana visa types

Travelers can choose between several types of Ghana visas depending on the purpose of their visit. The following visa types are available to visitors coming to Ghana:

  1. Tourism/Visit visa
    • This visa type is available for travelers who intend to engage in short-term leisure and tourism activities like sightseeing or attending a cultural event.
  2. Family visit visa
    • This visa type is issued to travelers coming to Ghana to visit family members or other relevant activities.
  3. Business visa
    • Businesspersons who want to engage in short-term business-related activities in Ghana can apply for this visa type.
  4. Studies/Voluntary/ Internship visa
    • This visa type is for foreign students intending to study in Ghana at an accredited Ghanaian educational institution or to volunteer or engage in an internship.
  5. Research/Work visa
    • Foreign national employees who wish to come to Ghana for work can obtain this visa type.
  6. Transit visa
    • This visa type is a temporary entry document for travelers who are passing through Ghana on their way to their next destination. Applicants must have a valid onward ticket.
  7. Official visa
    • This visa is issued to holders of diplomatic passports and their family members as well as holders of official or service passports. 
  8. Media visa
    • Journalists, foreign correspondents, and other media professionals can obtain this visa to travel to Ghana for work-related activities. 

Ghana visa requirements

Applicants for any Ghana visa are required to submit some basic documents along with their visa application form. 

To apply for a Ghana visa, all applicants are required to submit several documents depending on the purpose of their trip and the foreign mission where they apply for the visa. 

The following are the basic requirements for all travelers to obtain a visa for Ghana:

A valid passport

Passports must be valid for at least six (6) months from the date of departure from Ghana and contain the applicant’s valid signature.

Passport-sized photo

The photograph must be passport-sized, recently taken, and in color.

A complete application form

Application forms must be completed accurately and printed. They must be signed and dated by the applicant before submission. Signatures must match that of the passport.

Proof of payment

Applicants must show they have paid the appropriate visa fees so their application can be processed. 

Proof of vaccination (yellow fever)

All travelers coming to Ghana must show they have a recent yellow fever vaccination. 

Other requirements may apply depending on the visa type and where the applicant is submitting their visa materials. Ghanaian foreign missions require different documents so applicants should be sure to verify all requirements before submitting their application. Additional materials may include a return/onward airline ticket, an invitation letter, an employment contract, or proof of accommodation.

Ghana visa application steps

Applicants will take a few simple steps to complete and submit their Ghana visa application:

  1. Complete the visa application form

    The visa application form can be completed online. All online applications must be completed within 14 days. Incomplete applications will be deleted automatically and the applicant will need to re-apply.

  2. Pay the visa fee

    Applicants must pay the visa fee in order for their application to be processed. The method of payment will vary depending on the foreign mission where the applicant submits their application.

  3. Submit the visa application

    To start the processing phase, applicants must lodge their signed visa application form, passport, proof of payment, and all relevant supporting documents at the nearest foreign mission (embassy or consulate). Applications can be submitted in person or by post depending on the foreign mission.

  4. Await visa processing

    If the visa application is approved, the applicant’s passport will either be returned to them with the visa stuck inside or they will need to pick it up from the relevant embassy or consulate. 

Where to apply for Ghana visa

Ghana visa application forms can be completed online, but all application packets, including required materials and the passport, must be submitted for processing by post or in-person to a Ghanaian foreign mission. 

Ghana visa processing time

Processing times for a Ghana visa will vary depending on the foreign mission where the application is submitted, the visa type, and the complexity of the applicant’s case. Applicants should understand the processing times for their unique case before confirming any travel dates.

Ghana visa FAQ

What is a Ghana visa?

A Ghana visa is a document that allows a foreign national to enter the country lawfully for tourism, business, studying, or another authorized purpose. Ghana visas are issued as sticker visas that are adhered to inside the holder’s passport.

Where can I apply for a Ghana visa?

While the visa application form may be completed online, the application itself (including the printed application form) must be submitted by post or in person to a Ghana foreign mission (embassy or consulate).

How long is a Ghana visa valid?

The validity of the Ghana visa will depend on the purpose of travel and the visa type. Typically visas are issued for periods of three (3) months, but some may be issued for up to one (1) year.

How much does a Ghana visa cost?

The cost of a Ghana visa will depend on the visa type and the number of entries the applicant has requested. In most cases, visa applications can be expedited for an additional cost.

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