Japan Tourist visa

Japan Tourist visa


Japan is a mountainous island country in the northwest Pacific Ocean of East Asia. It’s no wonder that Japan is one of the world’s most popular countries, offering a wide range of sights and activities, including extraordinary nature, state-of-art cities, world heritage sites, Mount Fuji and the highlands, cherry blossom season, hot springs, lush national parks, contemporary art and design, and rich heritage and culture.
Some foreign nationals may enter Japan visa-free, while citizens of other countries are required to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa to enter the country for tourism purposes. A Japan Tourist Visa allows travelers to stay in Japan for up to 90 days.

Required Documents for Japan Tourist Visa

  • A valid passport with at least one empty page
  • Japan Visa application form
  • Photograph attached to the visa application form. It must have been taken within the previous six months and 2”x2” in size
  • Letter of guarantee
  • Invitation letter (if applicable)
  • List of Japanese visa applicants
  • Itinerary in Japan

Note: The Japan visa requirements are not always the same. Keep in mind that the documents may vary depending on the nationality of the visitor and the purposes of the trip. For details of your particular case, you can contact your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.

Japan Tourist Visa Application Steps

Once the required documents have been gathered, make a copy for yourself and apply for your Japan Tourist Visa through the following steps.

  1. Fill out the Japan visa application form

    Complete the Japan Tourist Visa application form online, or make a printout of the form and fill it out by hand. You must fill in data regarding your personal information and details about your stay in Japan. All information provided will be properly protected under Japanese law.

  2. Make an appointment

    Contact your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate to arrange an appointment.

  3. Submit your visa application

    At the time of your appointment, make sure to bring the above-listed Japan visa requirements that you have gathered, including the completed application form. Please note that you may be contacted if further documentation is required.

  4. Pay Japan Visa Fees

    The payment of a fee is one of the Japan visa requirements to be fulfilled at your appointment.

  5. Receive your visa

    After the visa application is approved, the applicant can pick up their passport with their approved visa in it.

Japan Tourist Visa Fees

Japan visa fees vary depending on the type of visa requested. All fees are charged in the currency of the country in which the Japan Embassy or Consulate is located.

  • Single entry visa: 3,000 yen (~ 25.95 USD)
  • Double and multiple-entry Japan visa: 6,000 yen (~ 51.91 USD)
  • Transit Japan visa: 700 yen (~ 6.06 USD)

Note: Please note that fees may be revised occasionally and subject to adjustment. Only cash payments are accepted.

Where to apply for a Japan visa

It is important to note that a Japan Tourist Visa cannot be obtained in Japan. You can apply for a Japan Tourist Visa at your nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate, or through an authorized travel agency accredited by the Japanese embassy/consulate. If an applicant wishes a representative to go to the Japanese embassy/consulate in their stead, applicant must submit a Letter of Proxy. If there are circumstances in which an applicant wishes to apply at a Japanese embassy/consulate not closest to their address, applicant must contact the Japanese embassy/consulate before making the visa application.

When to apply for a Japan visa

It is advisable to apply for a Japan Tourist Visa well in advance of your planned trip, as many documents may require time for preparation and issuance. Moreover, once the application has been submitted, there may be conditions that require further verification that could take from a few days to several months. Accordingly, we suggest that you start the application process as soon as you have gathered all the required documents.

Japan Tourist Visa Processing Time

The processing period to issue the visa is usually up to 5 business days from the date of application. Please note that processing times may increase if additional documents are required, an interview with the applicant is requested, or COVID-19 restrictions cause delays.
For Approved Japan Visa Applications
When collecting the approved visa, applicants must ensure that the information on the visa is complete and correct.

For denied Japan visa applications

Your visa application may be rejected. In general, the specific reasons for rejection will not be explained. This can happen:

  • If the Japanese visa applications are submitted to an Embassy/Consulate outside your country of birth or residence
  • If you were refused entry to Japan in the previous six months
  • If the validity period or the visa attachment space of your passport is insufficient
  • If the Japan visa application is already being processed at another embassy or consulate
  • If the request is made by an unauthorized person
  • If there are any errors in the documents submitted

Note: If your previous application for a Japan Tourist Visa was denied, you must wait at least 6 months to reapply. However, new applications are sometimes accepted within six months, if the applicant’s circumstances have significantly changed, in which case please check with your nearest Japanese embassy or consulate.

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