Kuwait visa

Kuwait visa

Traveling to Kuwait

Kuwait is a country known for its strong financial position, wealth, new investment laws, and ambitious tourism plans. Kuwait has a robust economy and is a major destination for businesses, investment, work, and tourism.

Almost all visitors intending to travel to Kuwait must apply for a visa except for the citizens of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Depending on your nationality, you could be eligible to apply for an e-Visa or a sticker visa. Nationals of 50+ countries are eligible for Kuwait e-Visa and the same nationals are eligible to receive a visa on arrival.

The Kuwait visa validity depends on the type of visa the visitor applies for. The e-Visa allows travelers a single entry to Kuwait and a stay of 90 days while a Visit Visa entitles travelers to stay for a maximum of 30 days. US citizens can obtain multiple entry visit visas to Kuwait with a validity of 10 years and unlimited entries.

Kuwait visa types

The types of Kuwait visas you need to apply for are divided into five categories depending on the purpose of your visit. These include:

  1. Kuwait Tourist visa
  2. Kuwait Visit visa
    • Visit visa for Business
    • Visit visa for relatives (Family visa)
    • Multiple entry visit visa
  3. Residence visa
    • Kuwait Work visa 
    • Domestic visa 
    • Dependent visa
  4. Transit visa
  5. Entrance visa

For each of the above visa types, there are certain requirements that should be met by applicants.

Kuwait visa requirements

Kuwait visa requirements may vary for different nationalities but for all Kuwaiti e-Visa applications the following documents should be included in the application:


Valid for at least 6 months as of the day of the e-Visa application.

Passport copy

Copy of applicant’s passport biometric page. 


A credit/debit card to pay the application fee. 

For GCC residents, in addition to the above documents, a scanned copy of the GCC residence document should be submitted.

For a Kuwait visit visa the following documents are required:

Application form

A completed visit visa application

Passport copy

A copy of the applicant’s passport biometric page 

Security form

A completed security form by the sponsor

Invitation letter

Copy of the sponsor’s invitation letter containing the purpose of the visit such as:

  • Kinship proof
  • Sponsor’s Salary certificate 
  • Sponsor’s ID 

Copy of the sponsor’s registered signature 

Note: You should apply for a Kuwait visit visa through A Kuwait company sponsor or a resident foreign relative staying in the country. 

Travelers are advised to check and prepare all needed documents before applying for this type of visa. All other types of visas have their specific requirements and applicants need to check them and ensure that they fulfill them before applying for the Kuwait visa.

Kuwait visa application

Foreign nationals required to apply for a Kuwait e-Visa must follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the visa application form

    Upload the required documents 

  2. Pay the visa fees

    • Fill in the credit card number
    • Make the payment

  3. Submit your Kuwait visa application.

  4. Receive your e-Visa to the email you provided

    • If approved, you will receive a unique reference number.
    • Use this number to check your visa.
    • Print a copy of your visa and provide it to the immigration officer upon arrival in Kuwait

Foreign nationals applying for any other types of Kuwait visa should check the requirements of each and ensure that they submit all needed documents together with their visa application form to the Kuwaiti diplomatic missions in their countries or through sponsors.

Where to apply for Kuwait visa

Foreign nationals of 53 countries are eligible to apply online for the Kuwait e-Visa.

Foreign nationals not eligible to apply for a Kuwait e-Visa should apply for a Kuwait Visit Visa or other types of visas directly at the nearest Kuwaiti embassy in their country or with the support of a sponsor.

Kuwait visa processing time

The Kuwait e-Visa process is almost always finalized within two working days, while other types of visa processes require more time. In all cases, you are advised to start the application process early, in case of delays.

Kuwait visa FAQ

How long does it take for Kuwait visa to be approved? 

The time required for the approval of the Kuwait visa depends on the type of visa the visitor is applying for. Kuwait e-Visa is typically finalized within two working days, while other types of visas may require more time.

Is visit visa open in Kuwait?

The Visit Visa to Kuwait has been suspended as of Monday, June 27, 2022 by the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry due to the application of new processes and regulations. The suspension will remain effective until further notice and will have no impact on foreign nationals eligible for the Kuwaiti visa on arrival.

How many types of Kuwait visas are there?

There are five types of Kuwaiti visas, which are:
1. Tourist visa
2. Visit visa (for business, relatives and multiple entry visit visa)
3. Residence visa (work visa, domestic visa, dependent visa)
4. Transit visa
5. Entrance visa

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