Liechtenstein Visa

Liechtenstein Visa

Traveling to Liechtenstein

One of the smallest countries in Europe, Liechtenstein’s foreign policy is mainly controlled by Switzerland. A mountainous, German speaking principality, Liechtenstein has under 40,000 people. 

You may need a visa to travel to Lichtenstein, depending on where you are from (nationality), the length of your trip (duration of stay), and your reason for travel (type of visa needed). 

Liechtenstein visa types

It is not possible to directly apply for a visa to Liechtenstein, as the country does not issue visas. Instead, those who wish to visit the country should apply for a visa to Switzerland which has an open border with Liechtenstein (it is not possible to fly directly into Liechtenstein). Seekers of long term stays in Liechtenstein must apply for a Residence Permit. 

For more details on how to travel to Liechtenstein for tourism, please visit the Liechtenstein Tourist visa page.

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