Maldives Tourist Visa

Maldives Tourist Visa

Traveling to Maldives

The Republic of the Maldives is a collection of small islands in the Indian Ocean that has become well-known as a popular tourist destination. Each year, thousands travel to the Maldives to swim in turquoise waters and enjoy one of the many luxury experiences throughout the islands.

Who Needs a Maldives Tourist Visa?

A Maldives tourist visa is granted to all nationalities upon arrival. As such, a foreign national traveling to the Maldives as a tourist is not obliged to obtain pre-approval for a tourist visa. However, all travelers seeking a tourist visa on arrival must satisfy the basic entry requirements to be cleared by the immigration authorities upon arrival.

Maldives Tourist Visa Validity

The Maldives tourist visa is a visa-on-arrival that is issued for up to 30 days from the date of entry into the country. It is specifically issued to travelers coming to the Maldives for short-term stays for the purpose of tourism. The tourist visa may be extended for 60 additional days, for a fee.

Maldives Tourist Visa Requirements

Tourist visas can be obtained on arrival provided the applicant meets all the requirements. The following are necessary to be eligible for a Maldives tourist visa on arrival:

A valid passport

The applicant should hold a passport valid for at least 1 month with a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ).

A complete travel itinerary

The travel itinerary should include any onward or return airline tickets, with prepaid confirmed hotel or accommodation bookings; OR proof of financial subsistence for the duration of the applicant’s stay in the Maldives; OR sponsorship that is pre-approved by Maldives Immigration.

Valid onward entry documents

Applicants must have the appropriate travel documents for any onward destinations.

Traveller Declaration form

This is an electronic form that can be completed through the Maldives' official immigration portal IMUGA. It must be completed by all travelers coming to and from the Maldives within 96 hours of their flight.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate (if applicable)

Anyone above one (1) year old must have a valid yellow fever certification if traveling from one of the required countries. A list of countries that require this vaccination can be found on the official immigration website.

Maldives Tourist Visa Application

Obtaining a tourist visa in the Maldives is a simple process that does not require any prior visa application before traveling. The following are the steps tourists will take to receive their visa upon arrival in the Maldives:

  1. Gather the required documents

    Applicants must travel with the required materials to ensure they can obtain the visa on arrival once they arrive in the Maldives. This includes a complete travel itinerary and a yellow fever vaccination (if applicable).

  2. Complete the Traveller Declaration

    This form must be completed within 96 hours before the flight time to the Maldives.

  3. Arrive in the Maldives

    Travelers must present the required materials to the immigration officer at the port of entry.

  4. Receive the visa on arrival

    If all requirements are met, tourists will receive their visa on arrival at the port of entry. Immigration officials are authorized to refuse entry to any travelers that do not meet their guidelines.

Maldives Tourist Visa Fees

The Maldives tourist visa on arrival is free of charge for all travelers.

Where to Apply

Tourist visas for the Maldives can be obtained upon arrival to the port of entry. Travelers should be sure to have all required documents prepared when they arrive in the country.

Maldives Tourist Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a Maldives visa is very quick due to the nature of the visa-on-arrival process. Travelers who are prepared with all requirements should be able to obtain their tourist visa quickly when they arrive at the port of entry.

Approved Visas

If the visa on arrival is obtained, the traveler is then free to enter the Maldives and proceed with their travel itinerary and activities for up to 30 days.

Refusal of Entry

Maldives Immigration officers have the authority to refuse entry to any traveler coming through the port of entry. If the traveler is refused entry at the border, it is likely that the immigration officer has found an official reason not to admit them. Refusals are usually due to the following reasons:

  • Possession of fraudulent travel documents.
  • Apparent intention to engage in harmful or unlawful activities.
  • Expresses strong anti-semantic religious or political views.

Maldives Visa Extension

It is possible to extend a Maldives tourist visa before the expiration date of the original tourist visa. Immigration officers will assess the traveler's financial position to see if they can support themselves for the duration of the extension period. Extension requests can be filed using the Visa Extension Application Form and submitted at the Head Office during working hours.

If the extension is approved, it will be granted for an additional 60 days for a fee of Rufiyaa 750. The total amount of days a tourist can remain in the Maldives is 90 (30 days upon arrival + 60 days extension).

Maldives Tourist Visa FAQ

What is a Maldives tourist visa?

The Maldives tourist visa is a travel document that allows foreign nationals to enter the country lawfully. It is issued as a visa-on-arrival that is issued for 30 days from the date of entry in the country.

How can I obtain a Maldives tourist visa?

All nationalities can obtain a Maldives tourist visa upon arrival to the port of entry provided they meet the requirements and complete the Traveller Declaration form within 96 hours of flight time.

How much does a Maldives tourist visa cost?

The Maldives tourist visa is free of charge for all travelers.

How long can I stay on a Maldives tourist visa?

The Maldivian tourist visa is issued for up to 30 days with the possibility for an extension of up to 60 days. Extensions can be applied for within the country at the Maldives Immigration Head Office.

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