Morocco Tourist visa

Morocco Tourist visa

Required Documents for Morocco Visa

  • Passport
    • Must have validity that exceeds the date of the applicant’s period of stay in Morocco
    • Identity card or residence permit, or document that proves the applicant’s address
    • Photocopy of the passport details page
  • Two photographs
    • Colored, taken against a white background, size 4cm x 3cm, and showing the applicant’s facial features clearly
  • Bank statement, or recommendation letter from the Ministry of Tourism or a representative of the Moroccan National Tourist Office or request from an authorized travel agency, or in case of family visit, a duly legalized attestation of invitation that guarantees any possible medical or repatriation expenses
  • Return ticket with confirmed reservation
  • Travel insurance
  • Hotel booking
  • Visa fee receipt
  • Completed visa application form

Morocco Visa Application Steps

  1. Gather the required documents.

  2. Fill out the Moroccan visa application form.

    Fill out the Moroccan visa application form in Latin characters and in capital letters. The Moroccan visa application form can be filled out in Arabic but the applicant’s first name and surname, and place of birth must be in Latin characters.

  3. Schedule your Moroccan visa appointment.

    Contact the Moroccan consulate or embassy to find out if you need to schedule a Moroccan visa appointment and how to schedule a Moroccan visa appointment.

  4. Submit your printed Moroccan visa application form.

    Submit the printed application form to the Moroccan consulate, embassy, or VAC along with the supporting documents and Moroccan visa requirements.

  5. Pay the visa application fee.

Morocco Visa Fees

The application fee for a standard Moroccan visa is DH220. Please note that other fees might also apply and all visa application fees are non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the visa application.

Where to Apply

Applicants can submit their Moroccan visa applications through Moroccan consulates, embassies, or visa application centers. Check here for the locations of Moroccan consulates or embassies. Applications can only be submitted in countries where the applicant is a citizen or a resident.

In countries where there is no representation for Morocco, visa applications can be submitted to the accredited diplomatic mission in that country or to the Honorary Consuls. However, in cases when these representations are also not present, applicants can make their requests directly to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate of Consular and Social Affairs – Rabat ([email protected]so that a visa can be issued at the airport.

Morocco Visa Processing Time

Moroccan visas are usually issued within 10 business days but there are cases when it can take as long as 30 days to get a Moroccan visa, particularly when additional documents are needed or detailed examinations are necessary.

For approved visa applications

During visa issuance, it is important to provide travel insurance, a return ticket with confirmed reservation, proof of hotel booking or voucher, and pay the chancery fees. Once the visa is issued, it is important to check the details on the visa and ensure that they match the information on the passport.

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