Tanzania visa

Tanzania visa

Traveling to Tanzania

Located in East Africa, Tanzania is a popular destination for its spectacular national parks and other natural features including coral reefs and stunning beaches. Each year, many travelers choose Tanzania as their preferred destination to live, work, study, or visit for tourism. 

Many nationalities require a visa to enter Tanzania and can apply for one of the six official visa types. There are more than 60 nationalities, including many in Africa and the Caribbean, can enter Tanzania visa-free. Some foreign nationals fall under the Referred Visa category and must have their visa application referred to the Commissioner General of Immigration in Tanzania for processing.  

The validity of the visa will vary depending on the visa type and purpose of traveling to Tanzania. Ordinary single-entry visas are valid for up to 90 days, while a student visa may be valid for multiple years depending on the duration of the study course.

Tanzania visa types

There are multiple types of Tanzania visas that applicants can select from and all can be applied for online. Each Tanzania e-Visa is tailored for a specific purpose, so applicants should select the best one for their needs.

  1. Ordinary Visa (Single-Entry Visa)
    • This Tanzania visa is intended for travelers visiting Tanzania for 90 days or less for the purpose of tourism, visiting family, attending a conference or event, or another short-term purpose. It is commonly used as a tourist visa.
  2. Business Visa
    • This visa is intended for more specific travel purposes including conducting special repair or training assignments or engaging in short-term business projects or activities. It is a single-entry visa valid for up to 90 days and cannot be extended while in Tanzania.
  3. Multiple-Entry Visa
    • In some cases, multiple-entry visas can be obtained which allows the holder to leave and return to Tanzania multiple times within the validity period of their visa. It may be issued for a total duration of 12 months, but the minimum stay is three months. That means holders of a multiple-entry visa may only remain in Tanzania for three consecutive months at a time. 
    • Exceptionally, American citizens are always issued a multiple-entry visa, even if they come for single entry due to bilateral agreements between the two countries.
  4. Transit Visa
    • This single-entry visa is valid for up to seven days and is intended for foreign nationals transiting through Tanzania on their way to another destination.
  5. Gratis Visa
    • This visa type is reserved for holders of diplomatic or official passports, or holders of a travel document issued by an official international organization who is on official duty (and their dependents). It may be issued to the holder of an ordinary passport, but that is decided by the Commissioner General of Immigration and Commissioner of Immigration Zanzibar on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Student Visa
    • There are two types of Tanzania study visas available, one for programs that are less than 90 days and one for those that exceed 90 days. The validity period of the second student visa type will depend on the duration of the applicant’s study course.

Tanzania visa requirements

Applying for a Tanzania online visa is a straightforward process that can be completed online. While the required documents will vary depending on the visa type, the basic requirements will remain the same for nearly all applicants. 

The following are the basic requirements to apply for a visa to Tanzania:

Valid passport or travel document

All visa applicants must have a passport or other approved travel document that is valid for at least six months and contains at least one blank page.

Copy of the passport’s biometric data page

In order to submit the passport online during the application process, applicants must also have a copy of the biometric data page of their passport to upload electronically.

One passport-sized photo

The photograph must be recent and clearly show the applicant’s face.

Return flight ticket

The return flight must be booked and the date of departure must fall before the validity of the visa expires. Visitors must show their return ticket upon arrival to Tanzania.

Completed visa application (online)

Application forms may be completed online and should be filled out accurately and to the best of the applicant’s ability.

Form of payment for the visa fee

Applicants must possess a valid form of payment such as a debit or credit card, or be able to send a wire (SWIFT) transfer.

Other visa types will require additional documents such as a cover letter from an employer or academic institution, a birth or marriage certificate, an entry visa or onward ticket to the next destination, or other documents. Applicants should be sure to verify the specific requirements of their visa type before applying. 

Nationals from Referred Visa category countries may be asked to provide additional documentation. They should refer to the official website for more information.

Tanzania visa application steps

Tanzania visas can be applied for and obtained online by following a few basic steps:

  1. Visit the Immigration Services website

    The Tanzania visa application form can be accessed on the Immigration Services website and applied for electronically through the portal. Applicants can find the application by selecting “E-Services” followed by “e-Visa Application Form.”

  2. Upload all required documents

    All documents can be uploaded as files (scans) to the online portal.
    The applicants will receive an email with their User Identification Number that can be used to track the status of the application while it’s being processed.

  3.  Pay the visa fee

    Visa fees can be paid using a valid credit or debit card, or visa wire (SWIFT) transfer. Fees can be paid online prior to submitting the visa application.

  4. Submit the application for processing

    Once the application is submitted, the applicant will receive a message confirming the application has been received. Most applications will be processed within 10 days by Tanzanian immigration officials, with the exception of Referred Visa applications which may take up to two months.

Where to apply for Tanzania visa

Tanzania visas can be applied for online through the official Immigration Services website. Both the application and the required documents can be dealt with electronically through the online visa portal. The visa application status can also be tracked online using the applicant’s unique User Identification Number.

Tanzania visa processing time

It typically takes 10 days for the Tanzania immigration officials to process visa applications. It may take less time for simpler cases. For nationals from Referred Visa category countries, the processing time may be extended for up to two months, so they should be sure to plan in advance when making their travel plans.

Tanzania visa FAQ

What is a Tanzania visa?

A Tanzania visa is an electronic document that allows a traveler to enter the country lawfully. There are multiple types of Tanzania visas that can be applied for and obtained online. 

How long does it take to get a Tanzania visa?

It typically takes 10 days to obtain a Tanzania visa once the online application has been submitted. Nationals from countries that require a visa referral will have to wait longer, with processing times of up to two months.

How much does a Tanzania visa cost?

Tanzania visas range in cost from 30 USD for a transit visa to 550 USD for certain types of student visas. The cost will depend on the visa type and the purpose of traveling to Tanzania.

Where can I apply for a Tanzania visa?

Tanzania visas can be obtained entirely online by submitting the electronic visa application form and the required documents online.

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