Uganda visa

Uganda visa

Traveling to Uganda

With rare natural beauty and a young, vibrant population, Uganda has become a travel hub for business, tourism, study, and much more. 

Since 2016, the visa application process for Uganda has been automated to be completed entirely online. Any travelers coming to Uganda must apply for their visa online and have a Travel Authorization/Visa Approval Letter with them before arriving in the country. There are no visas-on-arrival issued. 

Most nationalities are obliged to apply for their Uganda visa online before traveling. There are around 40 countries whose citizens are exempt from the Ugandan visa requirements. Foreign nationals from these countries can travel to Uganda visa-free without undertaking the visa application process. The validity of an Uganda visa will vary depending on the visa type. A transit visa can be granted for a maximum period of 7 days, while a multiple-entry visa can be valid for up to 24 months (1 year). Applicants will choose their visa depending on the amount of time they need to spend in Uganda and their purpose of travel.

Uganda visa types

Uganda offers visas for business, tourism, transit, and many other purposes. The following visa types are available for those traveling to Uganda:

  1. Ordinary/tourist visa
    • This single-entry visa is valid for three (3) months and can be extended for an additional 60 days in two intervals. It is available for tourism, business, studies, and visiting family. 
  2. Official/Diplomatic visa
    • This visa is issued to diplomatic, service, or official passport holders traveling to Uganda on official business; or ordinary passport holders who are exempt from the visa fees.
  3. Transit visa
    • This is a non-extendable visa available for seven (7) days to anyone passing through Uganda on their way to another destination.
  4. Multiple Entry visas
    • This visa is available for periods of six (6) months, 12 months, or 24 months and permits several entries into Uganda. It is intended for anyone who travels to Uganda frequently but does not allow the holder to engage in paid employment.
  5. East African Tourist Visa
    • Tourists who want to visit Kenya and Rwanda, as well as Uganda, can apply for this 90-day, multiple-entry visa that permits them to travel throughout the block of three countries exclusively for tourism purposes.

Uganda visa requirements

Applicants for any Uganda visa are required to submit some basic documents along with their visa application form. 

The following are the basic requirements for all Uganda eVisa types:

Copy of passport data page

The passport should be valid for at least 6 months. Applicants must make a copy of the bio-data page. The bio-data page is the main identification page with the holder’s personal details, passport number, and photograph.

Copy of personal photo 

The applicant is required to submit one recent passport-sized photograph.

A complete application form

Applicants can complete the visa application form through the electronic immigration portal. 

Yellow fever vaccination certificate

All applicants must have a valid proof of vaccination for yellow fever.

A valid form of payment

Visa fees must be paid using a valid MasterCard or Visa card.

Other basic requirements may apply depending on the visa type and the purpose of travel. These requirements may include a recommendation letter, return ticket, police clearance certificate, invitation letter, or support documents for the specific purpose of travel. Additional requirements may be asked of the visa applicant during the visa processing time. 

Even though they don’t need to apply for a visa online, foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries must still ensure they have an invitation/conference letter, a valid passport (6 months validity), and a yellow fever vaccination certificate. These materials will be presented to the border official when they arrive in Uganda.

Uganda visa application steps

Since moving all visa applications online, obtaining an Uganda visa has become even more straightforward. 

The following are the basic steps applicants will follow to apply for their Uganda eVisa:

  1. Create a new visa application

    Applicants will log onto the official immigration portal and create a new visa application. 

  2. Select the correct visa type

    Applicants will select the application type (Visa), then the visa type (Ordinary, Multiple-Entry, Diplomatic and Official, Transit, East Africa Tourist Visa), and finally the subcategory (single-entry, multiple-entry for 6-12 months, 12-24 months, or 24-36 months).

  3. Complete the online visa application

    All information, including the applicant’s personal details, must be accurate and up-to-date.

  4. Upload the required documents

    Required documents will vary based on the visa type and purpose of travel. Applicants must ensure they have included all required documents before submitting their application for processing.

  5. Submit the application

    Once the application is complete, the applicant can submit it for processing. 

  6. Pay the visa fee

    Visa fees will vary depending on the visa type and number of entries. Applicants can pay using a MasterCard or Visa card.

Where to apply for Uganda visa

Since 2016, all Uganda visas can be applied for and obtained online at the official electronic immigration portal. There are no options to obtain a visa on arrival. Some nationalities can enter visa-free, but must still ensure they have the required documents upon arrival in Uganda.

Uganda visa processing time

Once the visa application is submitted and the visa fees are paid, the processing time is typically between 2-3 days. The visa decision will be sent to the applicant by email. If approved, the applicant must download and print their official approval letter. Applicants are advised to apply at least 10 days before their intended date of arrival in Uganda.

Uganda visa FAQ

What is a Uganda visa?

An Uganda visa is a travel document that allows holders to legally travel into Uganda for business, tourism, official/diplomatic, studies, and other purposes. All Uganda visas are issued as printable eVisas.

How do I apply for a visa to Uganda?

Since 2016, Uganda has fully automated its visa application system so that all visa types can be applied for and obtained online through the official electronic immigration portal.

How much does an Uganda visa cost?

The cost of an Uganda visa will vary depending on the visa type and the number of entries. The following are the costs for the main visa types: 
Ordinary/Single Entry visa: 50 USD 
Single East African Tourist visa: 100 USD 
Multiple Entry visas: 
6-12 months: 100 USD 
24 months: 150 USD 
36 months: 200 USD 
Transit visa: 50 USD
Official and Diplomatic visas can be obtained free of charge.

What is the processing time for an Uganda visa?

Uganda visas typically take between 2-3 days to process. Applicants are advised to submit their visa application at least 10 days before their intended date of arrival in Uganda.

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