UK Standard Visitor visa

UK Standard Visitor visa

Documents must be in English or Welsh or translated to English or Welsh. Translated documents should be independently verified by the Home Office. Translations must have the following:

  • Confirmation of the documents’ accuracy from the translator
  • Date of translation
  • The full name and signature of the translator
  • The contact details of the translator

Required Documents for UK Visa

  • Passport
    • Valid for the whole period of your stay in the UK
    • At least 1 blank page for the visa
  • Letter from employer with the following information:
    • Company headed paper
    • Details the applicant’s role in the company
    • Salary and length of employment of the applicant
  • Letter from education provider for students with the following information:
    • On headed paper
    • Details of enrolment and leave of absence
  • Business registration documents or invoices for self-employed applicants
  • Previous passports or travel documents with records of previous travels
  • Confirmation of legal residence for those applying in a country where they are not a citizen
  • Financial documents which indicate sufficient funds, such as:
    • Building society books
    • Bank statements
    • Proof of earnings, such as employment letter with applicant’s employment details including start date, role, salary, contact details of the company
  • Applicants who have sponsors providing for their travel must furnish additional proof showing the following:
    • The type of support provided and to what extent it applies to any dependent family
    • How the support is provided
    • The relationship between the applicant and the sponsor
    • Proof that the sponsor is legally residing in the UK
  • Applicants who are minors must provide the following:
    • Legal document that proves the relationship between the applicant and at least one parent or guardian, such as adoption papers or birth certificates
    • Copy of the photo page of at least one parent’s or guardian’s passport
    • If parent or guardian doesn’t have a passport, other official document with signature must be provided
  • Applicants who are minors that are not traveling with parents or guardians must provide the following:
    • Signed letter from parent or guardian, confirming the minor’s travel arrangements, including:
      • Consent from the parent or guardian for the minor to travel to the UK
      • The passport number of the adult the minor is traveling with
      • The name of the person who will be responsible for the minor when in the UK
      • Method of travel to the UK

UK Visa Application Steps

  • Prepare all the required documents
  • Go to the official website of UK. Check your eligibility for a UK tourism visa link before applying.
  • Go to this link to start your application process.
  • Select and confirm the country where you will provide your biometrics
  • Register your email.
  • Fill out the form and answer the questions in English
    • After answering all the questions under “Application”, a summary page will be shown where you can check all your answers. Make sure everything is correct before clicking “Continue”
    • Select the mandatory documents in the “Documents” page
    • Proceed to the “Declaration” page for confirmation
  • Submit the form.
  • Pay the visa fee online.
  • Book an appointment with the VAC (Visa Application Center) for the collection of your biometric information (facial photograph and fingerprints) and for the submission of documents. Find a visa application center on this list.

Note: The visa application center may keep your passport and other documents while processing your application.

UK Visa Fees

The cost of a standard visitor visa is £100.

When to Apply

Applicants are advised to apply for a UK visa at least 3 months before their planned travel date.

Where to Apply

All applications must be done online and appointments are to be booked through the nearest VAC for the collection of biometrics and submission of documents. A list of VACs is available here.

UK Visa Processing Time

The processing time for UK visa applications usually takes around 3 weeks from your date of appointment. Applicants who wish to shorten the processing time might be able to do so by paying extra fees. The extra fees vary, depending on how soon the decision can be obtained. Applicants are advised to check further with the visa application center.

For approved visa applications:

Applicants who applied at the visa application center will get a sticker, otherwise known as a vignette, that goes into their passport. The passport will be sent back to the applicant by the VAC with the vignette inside or the applicant might be asked to collect the passport and the vignette.

Applicants who used the smartphone app to prove their identity will get access to view their immigration status information online.

Both the vignette and the online status will show the following:

  • The type of visa you have been granted
  • The conditions of the visa
  • The start and end dates of the visa

Applicants who notice an error on their vignette must contact the VAC immediately to have it corrected.

If the error was noticed after arriving in the UK, it must be reported to the UK Visa and Immigration within 3 months of arriving. Otherwise, a new visa application has to be made.

Applicants who have received their UK visa should remember the following things:

  • The following documents are required at the border:
  • Fill out the form
  • Submit the form and receive a confirmation email with an attached document
  • Print a copy of the document
  • Download a softcopy of the document on your phone
  • Border control will scan the QR code on top of the document to check if you have completed the form successfully

For denied visa applications:

Applicants will get an email or letter with the explanation on why the visa was refused.

If the passport was kept as part of the application, it will be returned.

The refusal letter will explain if the applicant has a right to an administrative review or an immigration decision appeal.

Administrative Review

Applicants must apply for an administrative review within 28 days of the refusal. It costs £80 and application must be done online. The processing time is within 28 calendar days. Applicants cannot request for a second administrative review unless the first review found new reasons for the visa refusal. The administrative review will only apply if:

  • You are outside UK.
  • You applied for a visa outside UK.
  • The application was refused on or after the 6th of April 2015.
  • You do not have a right of appeal against the refusal.
  • You did not make an application as a visitor or a short-term student.

Immigration decision appeal

The appeal process depends on the person applying. Legal professionals engaged by applicants, such as solicitors or immigration advisers, can appeal online using the MyHMCTS service.

Applicants who wish to lodge an appeal by themselves must do so within 28 days of the refusal. Those who apply after the 28-day period will be subjected to the decision of the tribunal for appeal to be allowed or not.

Apply for the appeal online, by post, or fax. Online application is recommended as it is the fastest.

  • Fill out the correct form according to your circumstances. Forms are available here to download, fill out and submit online. Those who wish to apply by post or fax must download and fill the relevant form and send them with copies of supporting documents to the address on the form.
  • After the appeal has been lodged, a notice will be sent indicating the time, date, and venue of the hearing.
  • If for any reason, the applicant wants the hearing to be done on a different date or a different center, a written request must be made.
  • If the applicant has any needs or difficulties, the tribunal must be informed accordingly.
  • Copies of the documents must be sent to the Home Office not later than the hearing date.
  • Include the Home Office number and the tribunal reference number in all correspondence.
  • All original documents must be brought on the day of the hearing. Documents must be in English or translated to English.
  • Applicants who cannot attend the hearing for any reason must duly inform the tribunal and ask for the hearing to be arranged on another date.
  • A tribunal caseworker or judge will look at the application and let applicants know if the case is adjourned to another day.
  • Any questions must be addressed to:

General enquiries

First-tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber)
PO Box 6987

Email [email protected]

Telephone +44 (0) 300 123 1711

The appeal costs are the following:

  • £80 without a hearing
  • £140 with hearing

The result of the hearing is usually sent to the applicant via a written decision within 3 to 4 weeks. if the appeal is allowed, Home Office will reconsider the application. If the appeal is dismissed, the applicant may apply for permission to appeal on an error of law.

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