Barbados Visa

Barbados Visa

Traveling to Barbados

Barbados is a British commonwealth island nation in the Caribbean that welcomes a significant number of visitors each year for its luxurious beaches, botanical gardens, and rich culture and traditions.

Foreign nationals from over 190+ countries can travel to Barbados visa-free and stay between 28 and 180 days in Barbados, depending on the foreign traveler’s nationality. Foreign citizens not eligible for visa-free travel to Barbados should apply for a Barbados visa prior to traveling to Barbados.

The Barbados visa is issued as single-entry valid for 3 months or multiple entry valid for 6 months. The Barbados visa should be applied for and approved before the traveler makes any preparations for their intended trip to Barbados, as Barbados does not issue visas-on-arrival.

Barbados Visa Types

If you are a foreign citizen required to apply for a Barbados visa prior to traveling to Barbados, you should apply for the appropriate Barbados visa, based on your purpose of travel to Barbados. The Barbados visa types are:

  1. Barbados entry visa:
    • All foreign nationals traveling to Barbados for short-term activities, such as tourism and personal visits, should apply for a Barbados entry visa. The Barbados entry visa can be issued as single-entry valid for 3 months or multiple-entry valid for 6 months. 
  2. Barbados work permit:
    • There are 2 types of Barbados work permits for foreign nationals wishing to work in Barbados. The short-term Barbados work permit is valid for up to 11 months, while the long-term Barbados work permit is valid for up to 3 years. Both permits must be applied for by the Barbados employer on the foreign worker’s behalf.
  3. Barbados student visa:
    • The Barbados student visa is for foreign nationals wishing to study at a Barbados educational insitution. Both foreign minors and adults applying for a Barbados student visa may get a 4-month provisional student visa upon passing security clearance, after which a full-fledged Barbados student visa, valid for 3 years or for the remainder of the student’s proposed duration of study, will be issued upon meeting the financial requirements.
  4. Barbados special entry permit:
    • The Barbados special entry permit is a Residency by Investment Program provided by Barbados, offering a unique pathway for eligible foreign investors and individuals to obtain residency in the country.

Barbados Visa Requirements

Foreign nationals applying for a Barbados visa should meet the following requirements:

Passport copies

Applicant should provide copies of the passport cover, data, and photo pages. An actual passport is not required unless applicant requests a Barbados sticker visa attached to their passport. Typically, the Barbados visa is issued as a letter, which is accepted at the airport check-in or immigration at Barbados ports of entry.

Application form 

Applicant should fill out and sign a Barbados visa application form.

Personal photos

The applicant is required to submit 1 recent passport size photo.

Cover letter

Applicant should provide a letter addressed to the Barbados Chief Immigration Officer, detailed with applicant’s name, address, telelphone number, email address, purpose for traveling to Barbados, and intended dates in Barbados.


Applicant should provide a travel ticket proving departure from Barbados to country of residence.


Applicant should provide hotel bookings or proof of lodging during stay in Barbados.

Financial proof

Applicant should provide proof of financial means during stay in Barbados

Customs form

Applicant should provide a completed online Barbados Immigration and Customs form.

Medical Insurance

Applicant should hold valid health insurance coverage during stay in Barbados.


Applicant should provide proof of payment of the Barbados visa appication fee.

Depending on your nationality and the type of Barbados visa you are applying for, additional information may be required, such as clean criminal records, registered school acceptance letters, marriage or birth certificates, or employment invitations.

Please note that certified English translations should be submitted along with any documents that are in a foreign language.

Barbados Visa Application Steps

Foreign nationals applying for a Barbados visa should follow these steps:

  1. Complete visa application form

    Fill out and sign a Barbados visa application form with your personal details and other requested information. 

  2. Submit visa application

    Contact your nearest Barbados embassy, consulate or representation office to set an appointment.
    Submit the Barbados visa application form and all required documents at your nearest Barbados embassy, consulate, or foreign mission abroad.
    Pay the Barbados visa application fees.

  3. Await visa decision

    Collect your approved Barbados visa from the Barbados embassy, consulate, or representation office where you applied.
    Make sure all information on the Barbados visa is correct and matches your passport.

Where to Apply for Barbados Visa

Barbados visas can be applied for through your nearest Barbados embassy, consulate, or foreign mission abroad.

Barbados Visa Processing Time

Barbados visas are usually processed within 3 weeks. You are always advised to apply as early as possible in case of any unforeseen delays.

Barbados Visa FAQ

Who Needs a Barbados Visa?

Foreign nationals from the following countries must apply for a Barbados visa, before traveling to Barbados: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dominican Republic, Eritrea, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Laos, Libya, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestinian Territories, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Syria, Taiwan, Vatican City, and Yemen.

How much does a Barbados visa cost?

The Barbados visa fees depend on the type of Barbados visa you are applying for and the number of entries. A Barbados single-entry visa costs $107 USD, and a multiple-entry Barbados visa costs $211 USD.

How long does it take to get a Barbados visa?

Barbados visas usually take 3 weeks to be fully processed and issued. Applicants are advised to apply and wait for definite approval before making any travel plans to Barbados.

Can I extend my Barbados visa?

Barbados visas can be extended by applying to the Barbados Immigration Department at the Headquarters. The requirements for a Barbados visa extension may include: a valid passport, photocopy of passport biodata page, an airline ticket, 1 passport photo, any supporting documents, and the $100 USD application fee.

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