Ethiopia Visa

Ethiopia Visa

Traveling to Ethiopia

With Addis Ababa as its capital city, Ethiopia is a massive hub for tourism, studies, and business in Africa and worldwide. It is known for its rapidly growing economy and incredible historical sites.

Nearly all nationalities are required to obtain a visa to enter Ethiopia. Only nationals of the African Union member states are eligible to obtain an Ethiopian tourist visa on arrival. Citizens of Kenya and Djibouti are eligible to enter Ethiopia visa-free provided they have a valid passport. 

There are several visa types available for business, study, and tourism, as well as governmental and media purposes. Ethiopian embassies and consulates are currently only processing Diplomatic and Service Visas. All other visa types can be applied for online through the official visa application portal.

Ethiopia visas vary in validity periods and number of entries. The validity period can range from 30 days up to one (1) year depending on the visa type and the purpose of the visit. 

Ethiopia Visa Types

There are several different visa types that travelers can select from based on the purpose of their trip to Ethiopia. There are two categories of visas: Tourist and Business, each with its own subcategories.

Tourist Visa

This is a short-term, single-entry visa that is available to visitors who intend to engage in non-lucrative leisure and tourist activities.

Business Visas

  • Investment Visa:
    • This visa is intended for foreign nationals who wish to invest in Ethiopia or are engaged in investment activities.
  • Government Institutions Short Task Visa:
    • Anyone engaged in work with a  government institution for a short period of time in Ethiopia can apply for this visa.
  • NGO Work Visa:
    • This is a visa for foreign nationals who are invited by Ethiopia-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to work or conduct short-term assignments. 
  • Journalist Visa:
    • This visa is issued to any journalists, foreign correspondents, filmmakers, or other related professionals who wish to work in or report from Ethiopia.
  • Workshop/Conference Visa:
    • Anyone who intends to visit Ethiopia for an international conference can obtain this visa. They must have an invitation from the official event organizers and the event must be recognized by the Ethiopian authorities.
  • Foreign Business Firm Employment Visa:
    • This visa is issued to foreign nationals traveling to Ethiopia for employment in a company owned by a foreign entity or individual that is based in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Visa Requirements

To apply for an Ethiopia visa, applicants must collect and submit several required documents. These documents will vary depending on the purpose of travel and the visa type. The following are the basic requirements applicants will need to obtain an Ethiopia visa:

Valid passport

The passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of entry to Ethiopia.

Copy of the passport

A recent, clear copy of the applicant’s passport in color is required.

Personal photo

The applicant is required to submit one recent passport-sized photo. Photographs should be clear, in color, and on a white background. 

Complete application form

Applicants can complete their visa application online at the official eVisa portal.

Depending on the visa type and the purpose of travel, additional documents may be required. Additional documents may include an invitation letter, proof of employment, or an official letter from the organizers of an international conference.

Ethiopia Visa Application Steps

Applying for an Ethiopian visa is a fairly straightforward process. The following steps can be taken to submit the visa application online:

  1. Complete the visa application form

    Applicants will complete their visa application through the official eVisa portal and upload all supporting documents.

  2. Submit the visa application form

    The application can be submitted for processing online.

  3. Pay the visa fee

    The visa fee can be paid online. Nationals of African States who cannot make eVisa payments online can complete their application online and make the payment on arrival at Addis Ababa Bole International Airport in cash.

  4. Receive the eVisa

    If approved, the eVisa will be sent to the applicant by email. The validity of the visa starts from the intended date of entry into Ethiopia, not from the date of issue.

Where to Apply for Ethiopia Visa

Diplomatic and Service Visas can be applied for at the nearest Ethiopian embassy or consulate. All other routine visas should be applied for online at the official Ethiopian eVisa portal.

Ethiopia Visa Processing Time

Ethiopia visas are typically processed within three (3) days. Applicants should submit their application at least three (3) days before their intended date of travel to Ethiopia.

It’s important to note that the validity of the visa starts from the intended date of entry into Ethiopia, not from the date of issue.

Ethiopia Visa FAQ

What is an Ethiopian visa?

An Ethiopian visa is a travel document that allows foreign nationals to enter the country for tourism, business, or study purposes, among others.

How long is my Ethiopia visa valid?

Ethiopia visas are valid from 30 days up to one (1) year depending on the visa type and the number of entries. Some visa types are available as single-entry and multiple-entry visas, while others are only single-entry visas.

Where can I apply for an Ethiopian visa?

Depending on the visa type, Ethiopian visas can be applied for and obtained either online or in person at the nearest embassy or consulate.

How much does the Ethiopian visa cost?

The fees for your Ethiopian visa will depend on the visa type and the purpose of your trip.

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