South Africa Tourist visa

South Africa Tourist visa


The Republic of South Africa is the southernmost country in Africa, with a coastline that stretches along the Indian and South Atlantic Oceans. South Africa is a popular destination with travelers, known for its amazing national parks and beautiful beaches. Some foreign nationals may enter South Africa visa-free, while citizens of other countries are required to apply for a South Africa Visa. A South African visitors’ visa for tourism or business purposes is valid for up to 90 days.

Required Documents for South Africa Tourist Visa:

  • A passport or travel document
    • Must be valid for at least thirty (30) days after expiry of your intended visit
    • Must have at least two (2) unused pages for entry/departure endorsements
  • A completed BI-84 South Africa visa application form
  • Payment of the South African visa application fee (see below for methods)
  • A yellow-fever vaccination certificate (if required)
  • A statement or documentation detailing the purpose and duration of your visit to South Africa
  • Two (2) color passport photographs
  • A return or onward airline ticket
  • If you are traveling with children to South Africa, or children will be joining you in South Africa, you will need to provide:
    • Proof that you are the minors’ guardian or that the minors are in your custody, or
    • The guardian’s consent that the minor will be traveling alone
  • Proof of financial means to support your stay in South Africa, in the form of:
    • Bank statements
    • Salary advance slips
    • Endorsement affidavit by South African host
    • Bursary, scholarship, and/or grant letters
    • Medical coverage, or
    • Cash, credit cards and/or travelers’ cheques

South Africa Tourist Visa Application Steps:

Foreign citizens must apply for a South African “sticker” visa in person, at their nearest South African embassy, consulate or authorized visa application center (VAC).

  1. Fill out the visa application form

    Complete the BI-84 South African visa application form. You will need to print it and fill it out using black ink.

  2. Submit your visa application

    Book your South African visa application appointment at your nearest South African embassy/consulate/VAC. On the day of your appointment, visit the South Africa embassy/consulate in your country (or neighboring country) to submit your South Africa visa application.

  3. Pay the Visa Fees

    Pay the required South Africa visa application fee at your visa appointment.

  4. Receive your visa

    After the visa application is approved, you can pick up your passport (containing your new visa).

South Africa Tourist Visa Fees

There is a fee for issuing a South African visa, and you should check the fee payment cost and requirements with the South African embassy/consulate/VAC where you applied, as this information is updated periodically. You will be able to make payment in various currencies.

Where to Apply for a South Africa Tourist Visa

South African visa applications must be submitted at your nearest South African embassy, consulate, or authorized visa application center (VAC).

When to Apply for a South Africa Tourist Visa

It is advisable to apply for a South Africa Visa well in advance of your planned trip, as many documents may require time for preparation and issuance. We suggest that you start the application process as soon as you have gathered all the required documents.

South Africa Tourist Visa Processing Time

All applications are assessed on an individual basis and are processed in the most efficient manner possible. Check with the South African representation office where you applied for expected processing times.

For approved visa applications

Collect your approved visa at the South Africa embassy or consulate where you applied.
Once received, it is advisable to verify that all information is correct and matches your passport. Any discrepancies may result in entry refusal.

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