4 FAQs about Dominica’s New Biometric Passport

Published on: 26 July 2021

Some significant news from the tiny Caribbean country of Dominica, where the government has just announced a new biometric passport regime. Discover five FAQS about the island’s exciting new passport program below:   

What You Need to Know:     

  • What is a biometric passport?

    • A biometric passport is similar to a regular (non-biometric passport) in that it is a travel document that serves as an official means of identification for nationals of the (state) issuing authority.  
    • However, unlike a non-biometric passport, which contains basic biographical written information about its respective holder (such as name, age, date of birth, etc.) a biometric passport also contains a digital record of its holder’s “biometrics” (i.e. identifying details about a person), such as fingerprints, photographs, and iris scans.
  • Why is Dominica switching to a biometric passport?

    • Because a biometric passport is more secure than a traditional passport, Dominica’s switch reflects its ongoing commitment to modernizing its immigration and travel infrastructure and maintaining security regarding its borders. 
  • Can I keep my old Dominica passport, or do I have to get the biometric one?

    • There is no requirement to switch to the biometric passport, meaning that you can keep your non-biometric passport and use it to gain entry to the many visa-free travel destinations available to Dominica passport holders.
    • However, once your old passport expires, you will have to accept a biometric version. 
  • I am about to receive a Dominica passport for the first time. How can I make sure I get the new one?

    • If you are about to receive a Dominica passport and you are looking to make sure you get the biometric version, you should simply contact Dominica’s Department of Immigration and tell them you want the biometric one. If they have already processed a passport for you, you will likely be given the old version. However, if they haven’t yet processed your application, you should be sent the biometric one as soon as it becomes available.

While the above facts represent the most recent and complete information about Dominica’s new passport program, more info is expected to follow.


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