Most Popular Tourist Destinations in 2023

Published on: 09 February 2023

Whether you are seeking an extreme adventure or looking to relax, there are plenty of reasons to travel in 2023. Since the regulations around COVID-19 were loosened, rates of travel and tourism have been on a steady incline. Many travelers are ready to pack their suitcases and escape their daily routines to experience famous sites, taste international cuisines, and have new experiences.

However, choosing your next destination is not always easy. There are plenty of factors to consider, including a budget, season, and the types of activities you want to do. For active travelers, many destinations offer tailored outdoor experiences like hiking and camping in France or more extreme sports like mountain biking and bungee jumping in Canada. Others might enjoy visiting thermal baths in Finland or a wellness retreat in Costa Rica to relax and unwind. Urban centers are also welcoming tourists back in the largest numbers since COVID-19, so there will be no shortage of exciting art exhibitions, concerts, plays, and shopping opportunities in cities like London, Dubai, Paris, Mumbai, New York, Sydney, and so many others. In 2023, the world is your oyster!

Coveted Tourist Places in 2023

While there are many incredible destinations to visit this year, we have narrowed down a list of the most coveted tourist places in 2023. This list will give you a headstart in planning your vacation and hopefully inspire you to travel far and wide this year.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in France


With a rich history and diverse culture, France remains one of our top picks for traveling in 2023. As tourist attractions go, France has it all. From the iconic Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame in Paris to the breathtaking lavender fields of Provence and the sun-soaked beaches of the French Riviera, there is something for everyone in this beautiful country. Of course, France is also one of the most artistic places to visit in the world, with world-famous museums like the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. France has one of the most exciting and delicious cuisines that varies from region to region. You can eat your way across the country, sampling fresh ingredients straight from the source. Whether you’re looking to experience the world-famous art and fashion scenes, sample some of the best wine and cheese the world has to offer, or simply soak up the charming atmosphere of the quaint countryside villages, a trip to France in 2023 is sure to be a trip of a lifetime.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Fiji


With an irresistible combination of crystal clear waters, beautiful hiking spots, vibrant culture, and a welcoming population, this is the perfect year to visit Fiji. Even though the country reopened its borders after COVID-19 in 2021, tourist numbers have yet to reach pre-pandemic levels. This means you can enjoy the same quality of service and accommodations without the usual crowds. Fiji’s beaches are well renowned, so snorkeling and scuba diving are popular activities for tourists that offer a chance to see the breathtaking underwater beauty. Don’t miss the chance to explore the country’s rich cultural heritage at sites like Levuka, the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Fiji. This former capital and historic port are filled with colonial-era buildings surrounded by lush coconut and mango trees. Immerse yourself in the local culture by participating in a traditional kava ceremony or savoring a lovo, a meal cooked in an underground pit with hot coals and covered in banana leaves. Direct flights leave from international airports in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

With its glittering architecture, cultural events, and shopping centers, Dubai is certainly a great destination to visit in 2023. However, there is much more to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that tourists can explore this year. Abu Dhabi boasts impressive tourist attractions like the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which houses thousands of artifacts from around the world, and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world. Nature enthusiasts can explore the vast desert dunes of the Empty Quarter by land or in a hot air balloon, while adventure seekers can enjoy thrilling activities like “dune bashing” or skydiving. Ras al-Khaimah is one of the best emirates to visit for these activities. Just a 45-minute drive from Dubai, the local government in Ras al-Khaimah is hoping to be recognized as the Middle East’s most sustainable tourist destination by 2025 so they have taken great care to preserve the natural landscapes in the emirate and open it up to nature lovers to enjoy. For those looking to bask in luxury, the upscale hospitality brand Anantara will open a new resort in 2023, offering 174 guest rooms, suites, overwater villas, specialty restaurants, and a spa. Travelers can also marvel at man-made islands like Palm Jumeirah, the World Islands, and Yas Island, which have stunning views and exciting entertainment venues.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Australia


Australia is a large, diverse country known for its friendly population, stunning nature, fascinating biodiversity, and entertaining cultural events. Vibrant urban centers like Melbourne and Perth offer art, music, and all kinds of entertainment. Sydney has some of the most iconic beaches in the country, while Queensland is renowned for its lush rainforests. Travelers can also take in the beautiful red desert sands of the outback. Australia is also known for flora and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else, so it’s a great destination for nature lovers to explore. Plus, in 2023, there is an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in observing celestial events in Western Australia. On April 20, a total solar eclipse will be visible over the northwestern edge of the country. The town of Exmouth and the surrounding Ningaloo Reef will celebrate this incredible phenomenon with outdoor viewing platforms. They will organize musical performances to celebrate the event and educational opportunities to learn about science and astronomy. There will also be a three-day Dark Sky Festival. While Australia is always a great place to visit, 2023 could be one of the best years to go “down under.”

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Denmark


For those looking for a more serene, relaxed destination Denmark is an excellent option. This year, visitors can expect a vibrant blend of traditional charm and modern sophistication. From the bustling streets of the capital city of Copenhagen to the charming towns and villages scattered across the countryside, Denmark has a little bit of everything. The country is home to many tourist attractions, including historic castles, churches, and museums, as well as high-quality shops and restaurants. Visitors can experience the traditional Danish way of life by purchasing local products at one of the many markets, visiting museums, or attending a cultural festival. Denmark is famous for its cultural events, where locals dress up in traditional costumes and celebrate with hearty food and drinks. The Danes are also the masters of hygge, the cozy and convivial way of life that made an international splash in recent years, so travelers are sure to feel warm and welcome wherever they go in Denmark.

Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Laos


Traveling to Laos has become much more convenient in the last two years with the opening of a semi-high-speed railway in 2021. Travelers can now get around this Southeast Asian destination in half the time. With so much to see and do, tourists will face tough decisions during their visit to Laos. Adventure awaits in Vang Vieng with its towering karst peaks, while the UNESCO-listed city of Luang Prabang offers a blend of French-colonial heritage, Buddhist rituals, and stunning natural beauty. Visitors can stay in style at the Rosewood Luang Prabang or explore the mysterious Plain of Jars, a megalithic archaeological site in the Xiangkhoang Plateau. For an unforgettable and meaningful experience, travelers can head to Bokeo Province to join the Gibbon Experience overnight treks, where they’ll spend the night in the world’s tallest treehouses, accessible only by zipline, among wild black-crested gibbons.

Traveling in 2023

Of course, these are only a few select destinations out of hundreds of places to visit in the world this year. It’s important to decide what kind of holiday you want before preparing for your trip. Traveling is a hugely rewarding experience, but it’s important to have all the required documentation so you don’t get any headaches during your trip. You will also need to see what destinations require visas. For example, some travelers might decide to go to Paris and not realize they need a France visa. The good news is that most visas can be obtained through a straightforward application so that you can get the most out of your 2023 travel experience!


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