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The Burmese passport currently ranks on the 93rd place according to the Guide visa index. It provides visa-free access to 47 countries. The passport ranking has been dropping over the years from 81st in 2006 to its current ranking. Burmese passport holders have visa-free and visas on arrival access to countries such as Kenya, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Iran. Burmese passport holders require a visa to enter 179 destinations in the world, such as China, the United States and the European Union. This high visa requirement results in a low mobility score and extended travel preparations.

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The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a former British colony. Located in Southeastern Asia, it consists of seven regions. It borders Thailand, Laos, China, India and Bangladesh. The most important regions are Yangon, Mandalay, Pathein and Bago. Myanmar is the 11th largest country in Asia with a surface area of 676,578 square kilometers. Its climate is tropical and subtropical with hot humid summers and a rainy season from May to October. The terrain is characterized by central lowlands surrounded by steep and rugged highlands.

The overall population is over 54 million people. The capital of the country is Naypyidaw. The most populous city however is Yangon with more than 5 million inhabitants. Other notable cities are Mandalay, Taunggyi and Mawlamyine. The largest international airport is Yangon International Airport (RGN) with a yearly passenger traffic of 6 million people. It connects Myanmar to destinations all across Asia.

Myanmar gained independence from the British in 1948. Its culture was heavily influenced by Buddhism and later on by the British colonial rule. The Buddhist religion is the most dominant. The official language of the country is Burmese. The legal system is a mix of the British common law and the customary law. The government form is a parliamentary republic with President Win Myint as chief of state and as head of government. The president is elected indirectly by the Assembly of the Union. Elections take place every 5 years.

The official currency of the country is the Burmese Kyat (MMK) with the current exchange rate being MMK 1,306 to the USD. Myanmar has an open economy, generating a GDP of approximately $355 billion. This makes it the 7th largest economy in South East Asia. It has a per capita income of $6,707. The economy is mostly made up of 3 sectors which are industry, agriculture and services. The government is implementing reforms, trying to attract foreign investment for a faster economic development. As of now the country relies heavily on agricultural output. Items of export include rice, pulses, beans, sesame and sugarcane.

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a developing tourism destination with mainly natural and historic sites. The country has two UNESCO world heritage sites. Some of the main destinations are the Shwemawdaw Paya, Ngapali, Mrauk U, Taung Kalat, the Golden Rock and Bagan. The country has a well-developed selection of international hotels providing a base to explore.