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The Syrian passport currently ranks at the 104th place according to the Guide visa index. It is considered the third lowest ranking passport in the world. The position has dropped from the 80th spot in 2006 to the current ranking. Syrian passport holders have visa-free access to only 29 countries including Lebanon, Dominica, Madagascar and Seychelles. There are 197 destinations for which a Syrian passport holder requires to obtain a visa prior to traveling. That is the reason why the passport raking is very low on the overall worldwide mobility score. For major destinations such as the USA and the European Union, Syrians require to apply for a visa in advance. Visa applicants need to present documents such as proof of funds and return flight ticket.

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The Syrian Arab Republic is made of 14 governorates. It is located in the Middle East and borders Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Turkey. The most significant governorates are Aleppo, Rif Dimashq and Damascus. The country has a total surface area of 185,180 square kilometers. Its terrain varies from mountains in the west to plateaus and deserts. Its climate is mostly of the desert type with hot summers and mild rainy winters.

The overall population is over 17.5 million people. The capital of the country is Damascus. It is also the most populous city with more than 2 million inhabitants. Other important cities are Aleppo and Damascus. The largest international airport is Damascus International Airport (DAM). The airport connects Syria to regional middle eastern destinations. Since the onset of the civil war the flight routes have been heavily reduced so that there are currently only 4 airlines serving the airport.

Syrian culture is dominated by the Islam with 87% of the population being Muslim. The official language is Arabic. The legal system is a mix of civil and Islamic sharia law. The government form is a presidential republic. The current chief of state is President Bashar Al Asad and the head of government is Prime Minister Hussein Arnous. Elections are being held every 7 years.

The official currency is the Syrian pound (SYP). Its current exchange rate is about SYP 512 to the USD. The country has a very deteriorated economy, generating a GDP of approximately $50.2 billion in 2015. The per capita income in that year was $2,900. The largest portion of the GDP is generated by the services sector and industry. Most of the country revenue is originating from the oil industry. With an increasing percentage of foreign aid.

The Syrian Arab Republic has many natural and culturally unique attractions for tourists to explore. The country has a total of 6 UNESCO world heritage sites. A major part of Syrian tourism is religious tourism and the visit of ancient historical sites. Main touristic destinations are the capital Damascus, Aleppo, Palmyra, the Aem Palace, the Damascus Citadel, Bosra, the Ruins of Palmyra, the Aleppo Citadel and the Ruins of Ugarit. The capital Damascus also offers a variety of museums and exhibitions showcasing the history and natural beauty of the country. There are currently no tourists visiting the country except Iranian pilgrims. Most international flights are cancelled and the country is still an active warzone with most tourist destinations damaged or destroyed.


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